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1.5.1 better than 1.5.3 ?!

Hello world,

am currently testing wine 1.5.3 on ubuntu 12.04 - but am bit frustrated.
It does not work with crysis 2 limited edition.

I tested the wine 1.5.1 on old computer with crysis 2.
1.5.1 seems to work fine with ... ( but old computer is to slowly for crysis 2).
- here is Debian testing sid.

New computer with 1.5.3 has trouble - I configurated anything correctly.
nvidia - settings is thrown out by installation of ironhide. nvidia - graphics is now supported fine ... only wine is crashing here too often and always at same position of loading game-levels ... it seems to be internal errors.
- here is ubuntu 12.04

wine 1.5.3 seems have no trouble with Arena 3.0 and stockfish-222 - but thats different topic.

how do I downgrade back to wine 1.5.1 on ubuntu ? there seems to be no wine-package with 1.5.1 for ubuntu ... how can I solve this ?

thank you for hints.



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