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How to fully return X11 after fullscreen Wine game exits?

I know this isn't technically a Wine problem or question, but I'm hoping someone else who uses wine on Mac OS X has already figured this out.

I just got Blades of Time and figured I'd try it out on Wine on Mac OS X to see if it works.  Lo and behold, it works just fine on Wine 1.5.3 with raw3.patch. 

The game changes the X screen resolution using xrandr, but when the game exits, it leaves the X server at the same resolution with the background completely black.

I issue a "xrandr -s 0" and the XQuartz returns to the correct native resolution.  However, the black background is still there blocking my view of my desktop.  I don't know if that's the root window or something else.  I have to quit XQuartz to make the black background go away.

Does anyone know how to get rid of that black background after returning X to the correct native resolution?

Thanks in advance.


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