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Re: Can not uninstall / remove Wine 1.5.0

Wilsonb wrote:
> /usr/local/bin/wine

This means you previously tried to compile and install Wine yourself. If you still have that source directory then the best way to uninstall Wine would be:

cd wine/source/directory
sudo make uninstall

If you do not have that directory anymore then all you can do is manually remove wine files. This should remove most of them:

cd /usr/local/lib
sudo rm -rf wine
sudo rm libwine*
cd /usr/local/lib64
sudo rm -rf wine
sudo rm libwine*
cd /usr/local/bin/
# This is all one line:
sudo rm -f function_grep.pl msiexec notepad regedit regsvr32 widl wine wineboot winebuild winecfg wineconsole winecpp winedbg winedump winefile wineg++ winegcc winemaker winemine winepath wine-preloader wineserver wmc wrc


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