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Re: Serif webplus X5

via wrote:
> Ok, when I attempt to uninstall it I get a message saying that it crashed because it can only run on xp or 7. 

What do you have the Windows version set to in winecfg? The default is XP, and you shouldn't change that without a reason. 

The failed uninstall probably messed up the wineprefix even more. Delete ~/.wine and reinstall; a new ~/.wine will automatically be created when you run the installer.

You haven't mentioned what Wine version you're using; if it's not the latest development release (1.5.2 just came out), upgrade. Follow these instructions to run from a terminal:http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#run_from_terminal. If it doesn't work, post the output (if long, use pastebin and post a link).


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