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Re: Problem Running DVDFab

mm1_real wrote:
> I'm trying to run DVDFab (latest version according to the website) on Ubuntu 11.10 and it seems to install fine but when I try to open it, either through clicking the exe or through the console, nothing happens. The Wine db says DVDFab is platinum so I'm a bit confused. 

The platinum rating is for, so it's possible something has changed in the version you're using. You also didn't say what Wine version you're using; the AppDB platinum test report is for 1.4. If the version you're using is older, uprade; if it's newer, downgrade, and if downgrading fixes it, run a regression test and file a bug. 

> Printout from trying to run in console:
> Code:
> josh@josh-laptop:~$ wine start 'C:\Program Files\DVDFab 8 Qt\DVDFab.exe' 

Navigate (cd) to the program directory first.

cd '.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DVDFab 8/Qt'
wine DVDFab.exe


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