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Re: 1.5.1 fixes graphical glitches on ATI machines on Mac!!!!!

Hi Doh,

This conversation explains it a bit. Had a conversation with stefan this afternoon.

[15:10] <stefand> I believe we removed a hack for OSX in 1.5.1
[15:10] <paulthetall> what kinda extension i should take for the debugrun?
[15:11] <paulthetall> okeee...
[15:11] <paulthetall> intersting
[15:11] <stefand> http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30168
[15:12] <stefand> we thought that hack was needed on dx9 cards only
[15:12] <stefand> but it turns out the drivers are broken
[15:12] <stefand> on dx9 cards OSX blatantly lies about the hardware capabilities
[15:12] <stefand> it claims it supports 4096 shader constants when the HW does only 256
[15:13] <stefand> so we hardwired them to 256 on ati macs
[15:13] <stefand> hardcoded
[15:13] <paulthetall> ok
[15:13] <stefand> unfortunately the driver needs some uniforms on its own, so we can't even use the 256. On OSX we limit it to 240. the game is supposed to have all 256 available
[15:13] <stefand> so many new games don't work
[15:13] <paulthetall> now what to fix the 1fps issue. Its with all the games, but graphics are fine now.
[15:14] <stefand> wait, it doesn't stop there
[15:14] <stefand> dx10 cards are supposed to support 4096 constants(aka uniforms), so henri removed the hack
[15:14] <stefand> the hack was obviously broken for dx10 cards
[15:14] <stefand> that fixed the graphics
[15:15] <stefand> unfortunately, dx10 cards on macos are still limited to 256 constants
[15:15] <stefand> that's a driver bug, ***BLAME APPLE FOR IT***
[15:15] <stefand> works fine on linux and windows, fwiw
[15:15] <stefand> so we use like 260 constants(256 game, 1 wine uniform, and whatever the driver feels like doing)
[15:16] <stefand> and osx decides to fall back to software -> slow
[15:16] <stefand> so you have to bug apple to support more than 256 uniforms
[15:16] <stefand> without the apple side fixed you can choose between the broken graphics or the slowness. can't fix both at the same time
[15:17] <paulthetall> I will copy and paste this conversation and sent it to Chris Bentley
[15:17] <stefand> well, refer him to the wine bug
[15:17] <stefand> and I'll try to look for the follow-up bug
[15:17] <paulthetall> ok thanks man
[15:17] <stefand> I don't think he'll like a crappy chat log
[15:18] <stefand> http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30232
[15:18] <paulthetall> I know, i have a earlier mail conversation with him
[15:18] <stefand> I guess I should contact him as well
[15:18] <stefand> but I am mostly busy at school, not really doing wine work atm
[15:19] <paulthetall> shall i trow him an email or you will?
[15:20] <stefand> I'll talk to henri
[15:20] <stefand> maybe he already sent one
[15:20] <paulthetall> ok
[15:20] <stefand> http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30232#c14
[15:20] <stefand> this is a pretty good summary of why things are slow


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