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Re: Mathematica 6 setup.exe hangs (Solved sort of)

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012 14:39:54 -0500
From: "lahmbi5678"<wineforum-user@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:   Re: Mathematica 6 setup.exe hangs


probably not many people are using Mathematica under wine. You should file a bug and mark it as regression. You could try older wine versions to find the latest working version. If you are an experienced programmer, you could run a regression test, seehttp://wiki.winehq.org/RegressionTesting  .

Thanks lahmbi5678. I did a regression from version 1.4 all the way back to 1.1.15 before things worked correctly. I am in the process of filing a bug report with the error messages include from the attempt to load with 1.1.16. I don't even understand what I am looking at but hope a maintainer will.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Gary R.


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