VOLCANO: Announcement of the session V024 - Magma properties and degassing behavior - at the 2012 fall AGU meeting

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Announcement of the session V024 - Magma properties and degassing behavior - at the 2012 fall AGU meeting
From: metrich nicole <metrich@xxxxxxx>

Dear colleagues

We would like to draw your attention to the following session V024 at the 2012 Fall AGU meeting and invite you to submit an abstract in our session.


V024: Magma properties and degassing behavior


Magma degassing and crystallization are two critical and associated processes that play a major role on the magma rheology and thus on the conditions of magma transfer through the crust and the volcanic eruption style. Considerable progresses have been done in the knowledge of the solubility of volatile constituents in the system CHOS-melt, bubble nucleation and growth, magma degassing and textures. However, tracking the degassing conditions of magma during their transfer to surface, their crystallization path and their influence of both system viscosity and density is one of the challenges of modern volcanology.

This session will bring together experimental studies and modelling issues that examine magma degassing and crystallization, bubble nucleation and growth, and their feedback with the magma rheological properties. The session aims at raising attention around some important issues, such as (i) equilibrium vs disequilibrium degassing processes, (ii) the interplay of magma degassing and crystallization; (iii) the microphysics of volatile exsolution and crystal nucleation, (iv) new volatile solubility and diffusivity determinations, with attention to mixed volatile systems, (v) how dissolved volatiles affect structure and redox state, then influencing element partitioning, especially trace elements, (vi) viscosity modelling of natural magmas with a specific attention on multicomponent systems (melt, crystals, bubbles), vii) experimental and computational determination of phase diagrams, particularly in volatile-bearing systems.

We also encourage contributions on analytical and spectroscopic techniques for volatile/glass/melt characterization, as well as ab-initio modelling of melt interactions with volatile components.



N. Métrich (metrich@xxxxxxx)

D. Neuville (neuville@xxxxxxx)

R. Moretti (roberto.moretti@xxxxxxxxx)

K. Cashman (cashman@xxxxxxxxxxx)


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