VOLCANO: Metasomatism Workshop - 2012 Goldschmidt Meeting

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Metasomatism Workshop - 2012 Goldschmidt Meeting
From: Dan Harlov <dharlov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Folks,

A short course, all day workshop entitled ' The Role of Metasomatism in Geological Processes ' is being planned for Saturday, June 23, 2012 at the Amphitheater (room SH-2800) of the Université du Québec à Montréal in conjunction with the 2012 Goldschmidt Meeting in Montreal (June 24 - 29).  

The workshop is being organized to promote a new  book in the Springer Lectures in Geology series entitled: 

Metasomatism and the chemical transformation of rock: Rock-mineral-fluid interaction in terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments 

Daniel Harlov and Håkon Austrheim editors.

( cf. http://www.springer.com/?SGWID=0-102-24-0-0&searchType=EASY_CDA&queryText=Harlov )

Featured presenters covering a selection of chapters from the book include Bruce Yardley, Andrew Putnis, Igor Villa, Mike Williams, Horst Marschall, Jacques Touret, Suzanne O'Reilly, Bill Griffin, and Martyn Unsworth

For more information and to register for the workshop - please go to 


A link for the workshop can also be found on the 2012 Goldschmidt website ( http://www.vmgoldschmidt.org/2012/index.htm ) in the sidebar under Events of Interest.  

The cost of registration is 70 CAD to be paid on site.  This includes admission to the workshop, coffee breaks, lunch buffet, and a post workshop drinks and canapes reception.  Registration ends June 1.  

Considering that the Goldschmidt Conference Banquet is 100 CAD, cost wise the Workshop represents a considerable bargain.  

Registration for the workshop also carries the option of buying the 800 page book at a reduced conference price of 70 CAD (149 € Amazon, 182 € Springer).  

Both Håkon and I hope to see you there.  


Daniel Harlov
Section 3.3 Chemistry and Physics of Earth Materials
Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam
Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum - GFZ
Stiftung des öff. Rechts Land Brandenburg 
D-14473 Potsdam                                
FR Germany     

international tel +49 (331) 288-1456
international fax +49 (331) 288-1402
email: dharlov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx        


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