VOLCANO: Why not join the International Association for Volcanology and Geochemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI)?

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Why not join the International Association for Volcanology and Geochemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI)?
From: Ray Cas <ray.cas@xxxxxxxxxx>

Why not join the International Association for Volcanology and Geochemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI)? Its free!


Dear Colleagues,


Are you a member of IAVCEI, the International Association for Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior? As the new President of IAVCEI, I encourage all scientists and research students who have interests in volcanology, be it physical volcanology, geochemical, or geophysical, to become a member of IAVCEI.


The following are just some of the wide spectrum of research topics pursued by members of IAVCEI:


• The physics of explosive and effusive volcanic eruption styles and dispersal processes

• Using deposit characteristics to understand eruption and dispersal processes

• Volcanic conduit and magma chamber processes, including the time scales of magma generation and volcanic processes

• Understanding the behaviour, anatomy and hazards of different types of volcanoes

• The rheology of magmas, pyroclasts and lavas

• The characteristics of pyroclasts and what they tell us about magmas, eruptions and volcanoes

• The petrology, geochemistry and dynamics of the mantle, and its magmas

• The geochemistry of magmas, magmatic gases/volatiles and geo/hydrothermal systems

• Remote sensing of volcanoes and eruptions on Earth and the other planets

• Using geophysics to monitor volcanoes, eruptions, the internal structure of volcanoes and of the Earth

• Natural hazards associated with volcanoes and their environments

• The impact of volcanic eruptions on society, including health issues

• The natural resources of volcanoes, including mineral deposits, geothermal energy and volcano-tourism

• The tectonic context of volcanoes and the role of tectonism in triggering volcanic eruptions

• Surface process regimes on and around volcanoes

• The effect of environment on volcanic eruptions, and the impact of volcanic eruptions on the environment

• Submarine, sublacustrine and subglacial volcanism

• Volcanic ash, its detection and impacts on aviation and society

• ….. many other areas of research


Volcanology is a truly international and inter-disciplinary research field, and IAVCEI is the only international learned society or association for volcanology. It is a great vehicle for networking internationally with colleagues who have related interests, or if you are a research student, for beginning to develop your scientific network, and for developing your international profile as a research scientist in one of the many volcanological disciplines.


IAVCEI holds major international meetings every two years or so, and in addition, it has many research specialist groups, called commissions and working groups, that organise their own small meetings and field workshops between the major IAVCEI meetings, focusing on specific research themes.


Major forthcoming IAVCEI scientific meetings are:

• 4th International Maar and Monogenetic Volcanism Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, February 2012

• 4th International Calderas Conference, Italy, September 2012

• 7th Cities on Volcanoes Conference, Colima, Mexico, November 2012

• IAVCEI Scientific Assembly, Kagoshima, Japan, July 2013

• IUGG General Assembly Prague, Czech Republic, August 2015


Anyone, including research students, can become a member of IAVCEI or one or more of its research commissions and working parties, and anyone can attend its scientific meetings. Best of all, membership of IAVCEI is now free, although those wanting to become donor members, are of course encouraged to support IAVCEI’s activities financially. Members will receive the quarterly “IAVCEI News”, which includes reports on IAVCEI activities, as well as news about forthcoming IAVCEI and other volcanological events.


IAVCEI also publishes its own journal through the scientific publisher Springer. The Bulletin of Volcanology is the leading international volcanological journal, and caters for those interested in publishing high quality research in the wide spectrum of topics of physical volcanology, geophysical volcanology and igneous petrology and geochemistry.


Information about IAVCEI,  its activities and how to become a member, are available at the IAVCEI website, http://www.iavcei.org including information about forthcoming conferences, the IAVCEI Commissions and Working Parties, and how to subscribe to Bulletin of Volcanology.

The IAVCEI community looks forward to welcoming new members, and meeting you at our future meetings.


Ray Cas,

President of IAVCEI.


Emeritus Professor Ray Cas,
School of Geosciences,
P.O. Box 28,
Monash University,
Victoria 3800, Australia.
Tel Local: (03) 9905 4897
Tel International: +61 3 9905 4897
email: ray.cas@xxxxxxxxxx
Fax: +61 3 9905 4903

International Association for Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI)


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