VOLCANO: EGU 2012 session reminder: Magma generation and differentiation (GMPV5.1) Dear Jean-Francois,

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EGU 2012 session reminder: Magma generation and differentiation (GMPV5.1)
From: Ralf Gertisser <r.gertisser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear colleagues,

with the abstract submission deadline approaching, we
would like to draw your attention once more to the following session at the EGU General Assembly (Vienna, Austria, 22-27 April 2012) and invite your contribution.

Symposium: GMPV – Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology

Session: GMPV5.1: Magma generation and differentiation: Field, analytical, experimental and numerical investigation of magmatic and volcanic systems

This session invites contributions targeting the generation and differentiation of magmas in the mantle and crust from field studies, petrology, geochemistry (major and trace elements and isotopes), experimental petrology and thermodynamic and geochemical modeling. Magma chemistry sampled in plutonic and volcanic rocks reflect combinations of processes operating in their sources (e.g. metasomatism by fluids and melts, asthenospheric-, lithospheric- and 'exotic' mantle components such as pyroxenites as well as crustal melting and anatexis) and during differentiation from mantle depths to shallow level magma reservoirs and volcanic extrusions/explosions (e.g. fractional crystallization, assimilation, mixing/mingling, replenishment of magma reservoirs and chambers). The fundamental question to be addressed by this session is how igneous systems operate in different tectonic settings and what are the principal controls on primary, parental and derivative magma compositions.

Valentin R. Troll (Uppsala University, Sweden), Lilli Freda (INGV Rome, Italy) and Ralf Gertisser (Keele University, UK)

Invited speakers: Christian Tegner (Aarhus University, Denmark), Andreas Kluegel (University of Bremen, Germany)

Abstract deadline is 17 January 2012.

Please see http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2012/ for further conference details and submission procedures.


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