VOLCANO: EGU 2012: MPV4.4, Recent explosive eruptions: Conduit processes, ash dispersal and effects on aviation - reminder

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EGU 2012: MPV4.4, Recent explosive eruptions: Conduit processes, ash dispersal and effects on aviation - reminder
From: "Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson" <mtg@xxxxx>

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to encourage you to submit a contribution to our session in the next EGU General Assembly to be held in Vienna, April 22 – 27, 2012 (for details: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2012):


GMPV4.4, Recent explosive eruptions: Conduit processes, ash dispersal and effects on aviation

The explosive eruptions of Chaitén in 2008, Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 and Grímsvötn and Puyehue-Cordón Caulle in 2011 have demonstrated how events of only moderate size and intensity can result in significant disruption and considerable economic impacts both locally and regionally. In particular the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in spring 2010 caused unprecedented disruption to aviation with extensive closures of European air space, while ash from Chile’s Puyehue-Cordón Caulle circumvented the globe disrupting air traffic in Australia and New Zealand. These events have highlighted the need for better understanding of conduit processes in explosive eruptions, the controls of magma fragmentation, particle population characteristics, plume dynamics, interaction between plume and atmosphere, and the near- and far-field dispersion and deposition of tephra. The potential of ground-based and remote sensing techniques for detecting and quantifying the atmospheric ash-loading by v
 olcanic plumes was demonstrated by observations during these eruptions, although more precise calibration and refinement of the techniques is required.

In this session we seek to address all observational and modelling aspects of the explosive eruptions of Chaitén, Eyjafjallajökull, Grímsvötn and Puyehue-Cordón Caulle. This includes course of eruption events, magma chemistry and physics, magma fragmentation along with mechanisms that promote ash generation, tephra transport and dispersion, tephra sedimentation and physical properties, atmospheric interaction and dynamics of volcanic plumes in the near- to far-field, and methods of ash detection and quantification. A particular aim for this session is to bring together the traditionally separate communities of solid earth scientists (geophysicists, petrologists, physical volcanologists, etc.) and atmospheric scientists (meteorologists, atmospheric chemists and physicists, remote sensing scientists etc.).

Please note the abstract submission deadline of January 17th 2012.
Please pass this information on to colleagues and students working in this field.

You may submit the text of your contribution as plain text, LaTeX, or MS Word content. Please pay attention to the First Author Rule as described at: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2012/abstract_management/how_to_submit_an_abstract.html

With best wishes,

Magnus T. Gudmundsson, Kristin Vogfjord, Fred Prata, Claire Witham, Thor Thordarson

Magnus T. Gudmundsson, PhD, Professor of Geophysics
Head, Faculty of Earth Sciences
Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
Sturlugata 7, 101 Reykjavik
http://www.raunvis.hi.is/~mtg, tel: +354-525-5867


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