VOLCANO: Electronics Guru and Field System Engineer

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Electronics Guru and Field System Engineer
From: Branden Christensen <branden.christensen@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Electronics Guru and Field System Engineer, OSOP, Panama

OSOP, located in the highlands of Western Panama, has an opening for a full-time electronics specialist and field system engineer. We are looking for someone who can design circuit boards for geophysical applications, is good with their hands and can install geophysical equipment. Knowledge of geophysics is a plus. 

Company Description
OSOP provides vertically integrated solutions and turn-key systems for geophysical monitoring. OSOP develops, supports, installs, maintains and configures instrumentation and software for early warning civil defense systems to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. OSOP promotes a dynamic, fast-paced and entrepreneurial work environment. 

Position Description
The successful applicant will be in charge of the OSOP eletronics and field teams, manage network installation and instrument development projects from cradle to grave, have free-range of the electronics laboratory and machine shop, and will be granted the freedom to innovate. The position will require world travel to exotic and often tropical environments. Resilience, independence, adaptability, efficiency and tenacity are desired qualities. Before applying applicants should consider if they can adapt to an international team in a tropical land at the base of a volcano within a county known for its endless beaches. 

Essential Job Functions
* Assists in the design, fabrication, testing, documentation and repair of hardware for geophysical projects
* Independently designs and installs geophysical networks: logistics, site reconnaissance, site selection, installation, construction, maintenance, and data transmission.
* Independently identifies, troubleshoots and solves technical issues related to hardware, software, and data transmission.
* Independently trains OSOP field personnel.
* Travel domestically or internationally for extended periods, often on short notice.

Location: Volcano Baru, Panama
Deadline: January 31st, 2012
Perks: Paid flight to Panama, interim housing, company transportation (including use of car on weekends), international travel

* Formal education in electronics.
* Experience in circuitry and instrument design.
* Programming of embedded systems and micro-processors. 
* Some knowledge of geophysical methodologies and instrumentation, data communications, and power systems.
* Proven ability to plan and coordinate projects.
* Experience in construction.
* Functional English skills. Spanish is helpful but not a requirement.

Applicants not gung-ho about pushing the envelope need not apply. 

Selection Procedure
Applications will be evaluated on their experience in network and hardware design, capacity for critical thought and lateral thinking skills. 

Still interested?
Send a C.V. to Branden Christensen (branden . christensen @ osop . com . pa) and Angel Rodriguez (angel @ volcanbaru . com). Tailor the C.V. to your exposure to and proficiency in:
- Electronics and instrument design
- Programming of embedded systems and micro-processors. 
- Geophysical network configuration and management
- Volcano, earthquake and/or geophysical institute experience


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