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Italian version of Montserrat's Andesite Volcano
From: "David Lea" <lead@xxxxxxxx>


After a year or so of working on the Italian translation project of Montserrat's Andesite Volcano, we are finally finished! After the translators, (Costanza Bonadonna, Corado Cimarreli, Boris Behncke, Allessandro Fabbrizio, Eleonora Rivalta and Micol Tedesco) had done their job last year, some Italian friends contacted us to say they were going to attend the "15 Year On" conference in Montserrat.

Daniele Andronico, Claudia D'Oriano, Andrea Cannata and Alessandro Bonforte arrived a couple days early and spent those three days doing all the voice overs that we needed. They did a fantastic job and we want to thank all of those who have helped since the very beginning of this project.

If you would be interested in getting a copy of the whole set which now includes, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian, please let us know as soon as possible. I will be going to the US this Wednesday and can send them out from there if you order right away. It may also be possible to order just the Italian and English version as a single disc if you would rather have that.

Please contact me at: lead@xxxxxxxx and I can answer any questions you may have. You COULD order directly from the website at: www.priceofparadise.com , but the Italian version is not listed on the website yet. Just order the Montserrat Andesite set and it will include three discs with all six languages.

Thanks again to Professor Steve Sparks and all those who participated in getting this project done,

David Lea
Living Letters Productions
Gingerbread Hill
Box 246 - St. Peters, Montserrat
British West Indies
Phone 1-(664)-491-5812
http://priceofparadise.com - http://volcano-island.com - http://cloversongs.com


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