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PhD positions University of Auckland, New Zealand
From: "Jan M. Lindsay" <j.lindsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The School of Environment at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, invites applications to fill two fully-funded 3-yr PhD positions to study the Harrat Al-Madinah, a basaltic volcanic field in western Saudi Arabia. These PhD projects form key components of a major research collaboration between the King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia and the University of Auckland, with the long-term aim of determining volcanic risk in Saudi Arabia.
Harrat Al-Madinah is a Quaternary basaltic field comprising craters, cinder cones, and associated lava flows. The field is one of thirteen known in western Saudi Arabia that have been active over the last 30 Ma, with the most recent eruption of Harrat Al-Madinah about 800 years ago. In 2009 an extensive and widely-felt seismic swarm in a nearby field is thought to have resulted from a dike intrusion.

PhD projects available:

1. Volcanic Geology of Harrat Al-Madinah
This project focuses on developing a quantitative understanding of the magnitude and frequency of past eruptions in Harrat Al-Madinah, as well as determining physical and chemical controls on eruption styles. One or more of the following could be the focus of investigation for the project: geochronology, morphometric analysis, petrology and/or volcanology. Applicants should have a strong foundation in volcanology or associated discipline (i.e. petrology, structural geology) and a high level of numeracy. The successful applicant will be expected to spend time in the field in Saudi Arabia.

Supervision team:
Dr. Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland (j.lindsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Prof. Mohammed Rashad Hassan Moufti, King Abdulaziz University (mmoufti@xxxxxxxxxx)
Assoc. Prof. Phil Shane; University of Auckland (pa.shane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Prof. Shane Cronin; Massey University (S.J.Cronin@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Dr. Karoly Nemeth; Massey University (K.Nemeth@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Assoc. Prof. Ian Smith; University of Auckland (ie.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

2. Volcanic Hazard Analysis of Harrat Al-Madinah
The goal of this project is to develop volcanic and seismic hazard models and eruption forecasting codes for Harrat Al-Madinah. These models will be based on past eruptive behaviour as it reflects on the likelihood and size of future eruptions, and volcano-related seismicity. The candidate will select and/or develop appropriate probabilistic hazard methodologies and create a scenario-probability matrix and customized Bayesian Event Tree (BET) code. Applicants should be highly numerate, with a strong background in statistics and geology (preferably volcanology or seismology).

Supervision team:
Dr. Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland (j.lindsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Prof. Talal Mokhtar, King Abdulaziz University (talal.mokhtar@xxxxxxxxx)
Prof. Shane Cronin; Massey University (S.J.Cronin@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Prof. Mark Bebbington; Massey University (m.bebbington@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

General information
Each PhD position includes a 3-year stipend of NZ $25,000 per annum (tax free), fees and research costs (including field and analytical costs, and travel to national and international conferences). Applicants should provide a CV and include contact details of 2-3 referees and a short letter of motivation and research skills. Applications can be submitted immediately and the post will be held open until filled.
Applications and queries should be emailed to Jan Lindsay: j.lindsay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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