VOLCANO: Goldschmidt 2011 Session 6b "Arc Magmas from Slab to Eruption"

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Goldschmidt session 6b "Arc Magmas from Slab to Eruption"
From: Philipp Ruprecht <ruprecht@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear colleagues,

we would like to draw your attention to the session
6b "Arc Magmas from Slab to Eruption" at the upcoming Goldschmidt conference (August 14-19, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic) and kindly invite submissions.

Magmas erupting from oceanic and continental arcs are the result of numerous processes, including dehydration and/or partial melting of the slab, melt generation and transport in the mantle wedge, and storage and crystallization in the crust. The diversity in arc settings in terms of geochemical reservoirs, subduction parameters, thermal structure, crustal thickness, and stress field is expressed in the variability that can be found in the geochemical signatures, textures, and eruptive styles of arc magmas. A number of outstanding issues remain unresolved along the pathway from the slab to the surface. What happens to the subducting slab and in the mantle wedge? How much of the slab material is recycled into erupting magmas? What is the range in volatile contents of primitive arc magmas, and how do volatile contents change during differentiation and crustal interaction? What are the time scales associated with magma ascent through the mantle and crust? Where do magmas stall and get modulated by crustal process? Is the lower crust an inescapable storage region? To what extent are lower crustal processes modified by upper crustal crystallization, assimilation and degassing? This session invites contributions that address these questions and the many others that still surround arc magmatism using geochemical, experimental, and modeling studies. 

Keynote speaker:
Maxim Portnyagin (IFM-Geomar)

Best regards,

Olivier Bachmann
Lorella Francalanci
Philipp Ruprecht
Paul Wallace


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