VOLCANO: IUGG 2011 Field Trip Cutoff Dates

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 IUGG 2011 Field Trip Cutoff Dates
From: "Adrian Pittari" <apittari@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Firstly, this is a final reminder for those wishing to attend the
following IUGG 2011 field trip, registration and payment will close on
Tuesday, March 1.

VF08: Active Volcanism in the Vanuatu Volcanic Arc, SW Pacific

Secondly, registration and payment for the following field trips will
close on Monday, April 11.

VF01: Factors that influence eruption styles from magmatic to
phreatomagmatic in intraplate basaltic volcanic fields: the Newer
Volcanics Province of southeastern Australia.

VF02: The Whistunday Silicic Large Igneous Province: An IAVCEI Large
Igneous Provinces Commission Field Workshop

VF04: Tertiary submarine basaltic volcanism, Cape Grim and Stanley, NW

VF05: Auckland Volcanic Field: basaltic volcanism and society

VF06: Young caldera volcanism: Taupo and Okataina

VF07: Getting into hot water: geological controls on fluid flow and
geothermal activity in the central Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

VF09: Prehistoric and recent deposits of Mayon and Taal volcanoes

VF10: The Hazard and Grace: LUSI, and Bromo and Semeru [or Anak
Krakatau] Volcanoes

VF11: Rabaul Caldera

Finally, due to unforeseen circumstances, the following field trip has
been cancelled.

VF03: Drought-quenching submarine volcanic textures: lavas, sills and
felsic pyroclastic deposits of the Ural Volcanics, New South Wales.

Please visit the IUGG 2011 website for further details and registration



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