VOLCANO: EGU 2011 Session Reminder: NH2.4/GMPV43: Linking magmatic volatiles to volcanic gas emissions

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EGU 2011 Session Reminder: NH2.4/GMPV43: Linking magmatic volatiles to volcanic gas emissions
From: Fred Witham <fred.witham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Collegues,
Don't forget the EGU General Assembly abstract submission deadline: 10 January 2011.
Please consider submitting to...
Session NH2.4/GMPV43: Linking magmatic volatiles to volcanic gas emissions.
Volcanic gases are released from ascending melts during magma transport and eruption. The precise compositions and fluxes of emitted gases are functions of the original melt composition and volcano plumbing system geometry. The melt chemistry determines the total volatile inventory, phase relationships and magma viscosity. The pathways through which magma passes, and depths of any significant reservoirs, exert a controlling influence on magma ascent rates and pressures of equilibration. The composition of a gas in equilibrium with a silicate melt is strongly pressure dependent. With sufficient information, one can, in principle, read the emitted gas signatures and interpret the motion of magma within the volcano. Such understanding would be of huge benefit to volcano observatories attempting to monitor and mitigate volcanic hazards.
Predicting emitted volcanic gas fluxes and compositions requires the synthesis of magma phase behaviour, gas chemistry, the dynamics of circulation of magma within the volcanic system. Accurate measurement and monitoring of volcanic gases within the atmosphere is required to test such models. We anticipate that this session will be of broad interest to researchers in these areas, and solicit contributions from any fields that aid the coupling of volcanic gas measurements with deterministic models of the chemical and transport processes of magma and associated gases.
Guest Speakers: Don Baker & Hiroshi Shinohara
Please see http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2011/home.html for details of the meeting.
We hope to see many of you in Vienna.
Best wishes, and Happy New Year!
Fred Witham, Jeremy Phillips, Antonella Longo, Chiara Montagna, Séverine Moune


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