VOLCANO: IUGG 2011 session V01: Magma chambers and their dynamics

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IUGG-IAVCEI 2011 session V01: Magma chambers and their dynamics
From: Catherine Annen <catherine.annen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear All,

Please, consider sending an abstract to the following IAVCEI symposia that will take place during the IUGG 2011 conference in Melbourne (28 June-7 July):

V01 MAGMA CHAMBERS AND THEIR DYNAMICS: how big are they, their time scales of formation and longevity, how do we detect them, crystals and their stories

Convenors: Catherine Annen, Luca Caricchi, Othmar Müntener

Scope: At the basis of our models in petrology and volcanology is the concept of magma chamber, a place where magmas stall, crystallize, exsolve their gas, differentiate, mix and get contaminated. As they cannot be observed directly, our knowledge of magma chambers derives from the interpretation of indirect evidence, that include geophysical signals and observation of erupted rocks and gases. Many aspects of magma chambers, even their very existence, are debated. The objective of this symposium is to bring together researchers interested in magma chambers and to gather contributions that could help answering the following questions: How can we detect magma chambers? What are their size, shape, and depth? On what timescale do they form and what is their longevity? How do their crystal content evolve and what is the story of different families of crystals? For a given volcano, how many magma reservoirs between the mantle and the Earth surface? Are there general rules about magma chambers or is each volcanic system unique?

Keynote speakers: Ben Kennedy, Fidel Costa

Informations: http://www.iugg2011.com/default.asp

Call for Abstracts Close: For grant applicants only, Monday 17 January 2011
Call for Abstracts Close: For all other submissions, Tuesday 1 February 2011

Don't hesitate to contact us:

Catherine Annen (catherine.annen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Luca Caricchi (l.caricchi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Othmar Müntener (othmar.muntener@xxxxxxx)


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