VOLCANO: PhD - thermodynamics NZ's 1886 Rotomahana maars, Otago University, New Zealand

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 PhD - thermodynamics NZ's 1886 Rotomahana maars, Otago University, New Zealand
From: "James White" <james.white@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Indications of interest are sought for a PhD project focused on
thermodynamic analysis of New Zealand's 1886 maar-forming Rotomahana
eruption, which transected a geothermal area that hosted the "Pink and
White Terraces", an early volcano-tourist attraction.

Related projects have characterised the componentry, granulometry and
depositional features of the deposits, with work currently underway to
establish the state of the magma at the time of eruption (via
quantitative studies of clast vesicle populations).

This project also offers the possibility of participation in large-
scale analogue experimental work on explosive maar excavation, or/and
on dynamics of interaction between magma and high-temperature water.

Project supervisors are James White (Otago University), Michael
Rosenberg (GNS Science, NZ), and Bruce Houghton (University of Hawaii).

Applicants should have a strong quantitative background (physics,
math), ability to work independently, and good communication skills.
The successful candidate will be supported for 3 years at current Otago
scholarship levels ($NZ 20,000 or 25,000/yr), with research costs
covered by supervisors' research funds.

If interested, contact:  james.white@xxxxxxxxxxx


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