VOLCANO: EGU 2010 Session: GMPV38 Geochemistry of hydrothermal systems

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EGU 2010 Session: GMPV38 Geochemistry of hydrothermal systems
From: Yuri Taran <taran@geofisica.unam.mx>

Dear All,

  Please, draw your attention to the session "Geochemistry of
  Hydrothermal Systems"

  We would be pleased if some of you are able to attend the conference
  and will submit abstracts to our session. Abstract deadline is 18
  January 2010.


  Geochemistry of hydrothermal systems

Contributions on any topic related to Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Systems, including the field observations, laboratory experiments, methodological innovations in the field and lab practice may be submitted to this session. Areas studied vary from volcano-hydrothermal to low-temperature sedimentary-hosted systems, terrestrial to submarine, using different techniques ranging from direct sampling, remote sensors, to numerical and laboratory modeling.

In the present and recent past, our understanding of hydrothermal processes has been advanced by the appearance of precise and high-productive analytical techniques, by new fundamental experiments on the water-rock interaction and the pioneering application of new isotopic systems. We invite presentations addressing or raising the important questions on the hydrothermal heat and mass transport in the Earth crust, hydrothermal metal transport and ore formation, sources and cycling of elements in hydrothermal processes, thermodynamics and kinetics in water-rock and magmatic-hydrothermal interaction, and geochemical case histories for individual hydrothermal systems including monitoring, exploration and modeling.

Best regards

Yuri Taran, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico (taran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Salvatore Inguaggiato, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Italy (s.inguaggiato@xxxxxxxxxx)


The session web site is:

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