Re: VNC server stops responding after a few days

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The uncommented line in the hosts file is simply:   localhost

The default gateway is setup in the Windows IP properties (along with the other static settings) to be, which is our modem/router/DHCP server. The modem has an external static IP that we would be connecting to with VNC. I can connect to it on that address and the internal ... The command line on the VNC Viewer shortcut is just the default vncviewer.exe with no options.

I just woke up one of the VNC servers/desktops that stopped working over the weekend. I opened the web browser and it took a bit to load; was it asking for an IP renewal? Maybe it's just the power saving options that are at fault:

Turn off harddicks:   1hr
Standby:     1hr
Hibernate:     never

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On 11/18/2011 5:41 AM, Paul Dunn wrote:
On 16/11/2011 22:56, Christopher Woods (CustomMade) wrote:

Surely if a machine has a fixed static IP, it doesn't even enter into
discussion with the network's DHCP server to request a lease? Just the usual
broadcast traffic...

I'm not a networking or Windows expert, but this presumably depends on whether the client (XP?) actually has the VNC server's IP address in its hosts file (something like C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts). If it doesn't, then it will send a request to get the address from the DHCP server. If the client ends up using the IP address supplied by the server, then it will eventually expire. I've had exactly this problem on another X server (not VNC).

James: what's in your hosts file? And how does the client actually connect to the server? What's the VNC command line?

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