RE: Need to move my mouse to refresh VNC session

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Subject: Need to move my mouse to refresh VNC session


During a VNC session, when I type something in an X-term window, nothing
appears until I move my mouse a little.  Moving the mouse is required to
what has transpired on the VNC screen.  Any thoughts on to what this



Do U happen to be using Cygwin xterms with a 'multiwindow' Xserver 
on a Windows machine?

I use Cygwin tools on my MSWindows machines, and use all the 
defaults for startxwin.exe to start the Xserver, which starts up 
in multiwindow mode.  I used to use 'fullscreen' mode, in which 
the Xserver never had any update problem (and still doesn't, when 
I can get it running), but fullscreen mode seems not to be supported 
by startxwin.exe any longer (I haven't checked the source code 
yet, though).  When started using the older bash script, the Xserver 
doesn't start up reliably (I think that's why the maintainer 
switched to an executable), so I don't use fullscreen mode any 
more.  In multiwindow mode, all the X-based tools often seem to 
need a keystroke or a mouse wiggle to update when they first gain 
focus.  I'm not sure if this is due to X resources, the Xserver 
itself, or the Cygwin port of the X packages, but it's a place to 
start looking.

Thx, Phil Long

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