weird problems trying to log on to Windows XP pro sp3 -- stuck keys, et cetera

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using free viewer 4.1.3,
I connect okay to a win xp pro sp3 box;
I've done this many, many, many times
with this remote box ... it's obvious that the
remote box's keyboard likely has
a stuck shift key.

Problem:  my password is not getting recognized
               even when I adjust shift at remote end
               to compensate for stuck shift key on
               my physical client keyboard.

Problem # 2:  normally my user name and password
                     should type LEFT ==> RIGHT and
                     be LEFT Justified.

                     The typing was like above but
                     after trying to paste a password
                     they became RIGHT Justified:

Typing then happened like this in the user name text box:

                 et cetera

????? not sure whether this is a rebalance issue or a Windows issue;
         on reboot of the rebalance remote server, the problem went away
          (and I hope it stays away).



P.S.:  it would be good if rebalance had a fix for problems at remote
         server relating to stuck keys on the remote server side; this is
         especially a problem when there is no one at the remote side
         to unstick/unlock remote keys like Caps Lock, et cetera
         and/or to reboot the remote side.

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