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It is correct that flash CAN effect the ability of one to connect to the data service on the iPhone. Here is how. When you use the iPhone to log in to a WIFI connection and the login uses flash the login cannot be completed on the iPhone. The selection list to select your ISP to continue log in using the iPhone screens in the Safari browser is written in flash at many WIFI connection login screens. There is no way past this on an iPhone.
It is the Wayport WIFI connections (US) which have been the primary culprits. The whole portal is NOT flash. Only the list of ISPs in the drop down menu. Since the iPhone does not support flash, the list does not appear on the iPhone screen to select. It cannot be typed in; only selected from a list (ex. or

So if you have VNC app on your iPhone, you will need to login at a WIFI spot which does not require flash to login.

If you are using tethering, that is a different scenario. That means using the iPhone as a modem (so to speak) instead of using the iPhone directly. Tethering through ATT on the iPhone has been a rough road. ATT did not allow it to happen for a long time through the iPhone. I have not tried it recently but I believe it is now functional. 

On Jan 9, 2010, at 11:26 AM, Christopher Woods (CustomMade) wrote:

>> NOT true. It is not FUD I am setting there with the same connection
>> with two different pieces of equipment. In addition, Apple has stated 
>> so much and conversations with ATT also confirmed.
>> The iPhone DOES NOT support a flash player plug in.
>> Therefore flash CANNOT run on the iPhone. While a Mac / PC sitting there
>> side by side with the same connection works fine.
> Indeed, but I read it as you implying that the lack of Flash functionality
> on the iPhone would affect the device's ability to connect to the data
> service. I've never, ever seen a tethered cellular access setup where I have
> to log in through a Flash portal - as far as the network's concerned,
> whether it's your handset or your handset bridging the connection to an
> external device via Bluetooth or sync cable, the network just sees the
> traffic as coming from the device itself. There should be no additional
> login steps required as the handset has already done that (and is de facto
> authenticated as it's a registered device on the network). No Flash support
> required. (certainly when I use my own device for tethering, I run the
> generic Windows Mobile Connection Sharing app (which DOESN'T authenticate
> with anything) on my phone, set it up to share via USB and then hit Connect
> - it establishes the data connection and I plug my computer in, and the
> phone appears as a network interface. I'm up and running without any other
> logins almost immediately.
> I suspect the iPhone is treated differently by AT&T from its other standard
> handset range; I would still wager that the iPhone data plan doesn't allow
> for nonstandard ports to be used (i.e., VNC et al) whereas the regular AT&T
> data "bolt-on" package allows for more unrestricted usage.
> YGWYPF is valid here :)

Dale Eshelman

MonaVie (Distr ID 1316953)

The closer I get to the pain of glass in Windoz, the farther I can see and I see a Mac on the horizon.

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