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For over a year, I've been using RealVNC (free version) through an SSH 
tunnel to administer my Dad's Windows XP computer from several hundred 
miles away.  Recently, his older machine went south and a new one was 
purchased for him.  I have it mostly restored to the previous setup, but 
ran into a problem with the SSH program I'd been using... and may want to 
abandon it.

I'm wondering if the RealVNC Personal Edition would be a better solution 
for me, and I have a few questions...

Is it as secure as the VNC over SSH tunnel method in all respects?

Can the VNC service be run on a non-standard port (if desired) using the 
'native' (XP SP3) Windows Firewall?

Would it be possible to run Personal Edition 'side by side' with the free 
version (on the same target machine) to provide a backup method?

I'm still on a dialup connection (with no hope of getting broadband 
anytime soon) and the VNC/SSH combination I'd been using, while slow, was 
'survivable'... and a good bit faster than the web access service I had 
as backup.

With the added encryption overhead, will the Personal Edition of RealVNC 
likely be noticeably slower than the free version?

Any/all replies welcome and appreciated.


Peter B.


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