Re: Can I remote two TightVNS servers that are behind the same cable modem?

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-=>Danny<=- wrote:
> I just set up TightVNC server on a machine that is behind a cable modem. I gave the machine a static IP address and set the port forwarding on the modem.
> Everything works!
> Now I'm wanting to add a second machine behind the same modem and I would like to be able to remotely control it as well. 
> Since TightVNC uses the modem's IP address to connect to the machine that is already there, will I be able to control both PCs (not at the same time) with the local viewer?
> If so; how do I set it up or where can I find documentation re how to do it?
Your machines all provide the vnc session at display 0 by default. That 
trafic is at port 5900. You can change display numbers in the settings, 
which will move to using network port '5900 + display#'. To connect your 
viewer to this alternate display number, use "remotemachine:display#" 
(like "othermachine:7" if the display is set to 7).

You can use this in your router too: Either have your router forward 
port 5903 to the machine at port 5900 and leave the machine as is or 
move your machine to use display # 3, if your router cannot change ports 
in forwarding.

VNC should be able to use display numbers from 0 till 31 without 
problems. Till 63 should be no problem either. I've even seen displays 
working up till 99, but as far as I know, that is beyond spec.

If you now need to access a vnc session at display 3 (port 5903), either 
use the display number or the port number. AS far as I know, most 
viewers expect numbers below 100 as display numbers (and add 5900) other 
numbers are expected to be port numbers.

For what its worth: if you enable the webserver, you have to forward 
port 5800 (or 5800 + display#) in the same way. Since the java viewer in 
there does not see port forwarding over different numbers, best to use 
dedicated display numbers in the vnc-server and not use port change in 
the forwarding.



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