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> My understanding of NAT is that a router must be able to 
> associate multiple connections (possibly connectionless UDP 
> conversations) between its LAN clients and external stations 
> which can see only the router as a single entity.  So, if a 
> UDP datagram arrives from a station on the WAN the router 
> must be able to “remember” which of its clients it should be sent to.
> Port forwarding is a fixed configuration, where a connection 
> on a particular port (e.g. 5900 or 5500) is always routed to 
> a particular client.  The most helpful routers allow the port 
> to be translated, so you can connect to the router on port 
> 8903 or port 8904 and the router will send the connection to 
> or respectively, while translating the port 
> on the LAN side to 5900.

Entirely accurate; apologies for any confusion from my earlier response. I
was not attempting to conflate static port forwarding with NAT (I was just
indicating that if his router can happily handle NAT, it should be able to
support multiple port forwards ;)

The NAT capabilities might come in to play if the server is set to connect
to an external listening client...

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