main: Unable to locate existing VNC Server

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Terry Chau on Wed Feb 27 02:49:01 2008 wrote to this list what follows;


I have install the lastest VNC 4.1.2 as service and the service can start
without any error message.
But the VNC tray icon doesn't appear.

When I issue command > winvnc4 -connect
it  response said:
Built on May 12 2006 at 14:47:22
Wed Feb 27 10:40:31 2008
main:   Unable to locate existing VNC Server.

But it is ok when I issue the command to port 5500 as : telnet 5500

Is anyone known the problem and can help me out ?

Thanks a lots.

Terry Chau
You can find this post here

I have the same problem. As Terry hasn't got an useful answer to his
question I'm asking if someone knows how to resolve this error.

Thanks in advance,
Piotr Dobrogost

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