Re: Disable Local Screen when logged on remotely?

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That's fine, but what about the encryption option?
TightVNC does not support encryption.
That is the biggest issue, I need encryption between the client and server.

Pascal Rottier wrote:

You don't need a viewer from the same vendor as the server. You can
install TightVNC on the server with the "blank the screen" option
enabled, while using the RealVNC viewer.

Unless of course the "blank the screen" option is something that needs
to be configured on the viewer as well. I don't know. I've never used
that feature.



On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 9:32 PM, <justindesantis@xxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:justindesantis@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Thank you Claudio; however TightVNC does not have built in encryption.
    UltraVNC has the encryption plug ins, however there ia no OS X viewer.
    I require the ability to access my Windows machine from my Macbook -
    FULL encryption.

     > o?= o?= o?= TightVNC have the feature you want.
     > Bye,
     > Claudio.
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