RE: Problems viewing OS X desktop from Linux

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James Weatherall wrote:
Hi Phil,

Unfortunately the Apple Remote Desktop product isn't fully VNC compatible. There are some ports of the standard VNC system to Mac OS X, I believe, or you might try the VNC Enterprise Edition Server for Mac OS X.

Thanks Wez (& also Peter for your earlier message). I was hoping that someone had already worked out a nice feature-matrix of which servers (& viewers) did what.

A couple more "features" of the OS X built-in server that I've noticed this evening:

- It will let you saw off the branch you're sitting on by disabling the VNC server over VNC. I did this just to see what would happen, wondering if Apple are any better at this sort of thing than anyone else, and they aren't.

- Apps that (I presume) need hardware video or 3D don't seem to work at all. In a few cases you get an error message, but normally not.

Cheers,  Phil.
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