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paresh masani wrote:
Sorry i missed to attach the file.

On 6/18/08, *paresh masani* <masaniparesh@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:masaniparesh@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Thanks for reply. I am using pixel format RGB888 while calling
    Xvnc. Please refer the command given below:

    Xvnc :10 -desktop 'UNIX" -httpd /usr/local/vnc/classes -auth
    /.Xauthority -geometry 1268x896 -depth 24 -pixelformat RGB888
    -rfbwait 30000 -rfbauth /passwd -pn -fp

    Then also i am getting pixel format 16 depth and it is BGR565.
    Please refer the attached file. Could you tell me why it is
    happening like this, What should i do if i want to use 24 bit
    color depth?



your picture is way to large (about 4 times larger than the effective picture...) I removed it in this reply

However, I refer to it: it clearly shows it is using 32 bits per pixel at the server side. If you want the bgr888, then you'd better ask for 32 bits. In the pixel format it is using 16 bits per pixel. I think this is due to negociating somewhere on the line. It is possible that the server can only handle 8, 16 and 32 bits. If 24 bits is configured, negotiation results in 16 bits. It is also possible something else on the line makes the negotiation result in the 16 bits rgb565.

If you want colordepth, go for 32 bits.

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