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Thanks for reply. I am using pixel format RGB888 while calling Xvnc. Please
refer the command given below:

Xvnc :10 -desktop 'UNIX" -httpd /usr/local/vnc/classes -auth /.Xauthority
-geometry 1268x896 -depth 24 -pixelformat RGB888 -rfbwait 30000 -rfbauth
/passwd -pn -fp

Then also i am getting pixel format 16 depth and it is BGR565. Please refer
the attached file. Could you tell me why it is happening like this, What
should i do if i want to use 24 bit color depth?


On 6/18/08, Corne Beerse <cbeerse@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> paresh masani wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I read documentation of Xvnc and found that it uses cfb(color frame
>> buffer).
>> It supports only 8, 16 and 32 bit colore and dont have support for 24-bit
>> color and 64-bit color. Could any one please tell me why it is like this.
>> 24
>> and 64-bit color support does not required?
> If 32 bits is implemented, 24 bits is regarded obsolete. With most X11
> implementations, if there is a 24 bit and 32 bit option, 32 bit is used
> internally because it is faster, however it uses more memory. Think of it:
> there are 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit computers. For displays, 24 bit is there
> because it is 3 times 8 bit colors. The 4th byte in 32 bit is often used for
> additional information.
> On 64 bits colordepth I think that's a case of not implemented jet. For
> speed and ease of implementation it might require 64 bit hardware...
> CBee
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