XP Black screen Fix

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Hi All,

I have been having a lot of black screen problems when I connect to a remote

When I connect to the Remote machine , the VNC service asks for a password ,
so I know my connection is reaching the client.

I have found that if I throttle the bandwidth downwards (say to 1mbps)
rather than the optimum (and experimental) 2mbps connection,

Then once I am faced with the black screen from the client machine I press
'Refresh' (fourth button from top left) this will allow me to see the users

I am aware this is not so much of a fix, rather a little way to gain access
. but it works here !!
Perhaps this method stops VNC from trying to Autodetect the bandwidth and
also AutoNegotiate the creen settings ???

I'm unsure , perhaps someone can test this , but I hope it help .

Bye (From Ireland)

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