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On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 03:09:46PM +0800, liang jian wrote:
> LAN2 -|                                           |- LAN2
>  switch --trunk--eth0| Linux box | eth1 --trunk-- switch
> LAN3 -|                                           |- LAN3

Please keep ASCII art within 80 columns.

>   How to support interface vlan trunking on eth0 and eth1 let
> LAN2 and LAN3 vlan data can pass linux box at route settings?

This does not make sense.

I interpret your art to mean that the same layer 2 network should be
on both sides of the Linux box. In that case you must set up one
bridge per VLAN in the Linux box, traffic within a layer 2 network is
never routed. Traffic is only routed between different layer 2

Now if you want to allow LAN2 to talk to LAN3, the previous poster is
completely correct - just enable IP forwarding (the Linux name for
routing) and you're done. This assumes that you have the eth0 and
eth1 trunks set up correctly, and that you have set up two bridges,
for LAN2 and LAN3 respectively, correctly and added the right VLAN
interfaces to them.

Without more details like VLAN ids on both sides of the Linux box
it's not possible to suggest any commands you could use to configure

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