MTU problem between 10/100 & Gigabit cards

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HI Group,

I have been running a VLAN configured system for some years using 10/100 Sundance driver cards without a problem. I recently tried on a HP proliant server using gigabit cards and found a problem related to the MTU size for the interface I an using.

The 10/100 cards seem to need a MTU of 1504 bytes, but this size does not work with the e1000 gig cards, or the US robotics, Dlink DGE, broadcom etc. I have to move the MTU down to 1500 to make fragmentation work and allow it to pass the larger packets.

Is this what I should expect from the e1000, broadcom, R8169 drivers for gigabit cards?

The 10/100 drivers are the sundance driver. I am using Allied telesyn 8000s/24 switches to detag the incoming tagged data stream and a PC on the unagged port of the allied switch.

2.6.21 kernel based on fedora 5.
vconfig version vconfig-1.9-2.i386.rpm


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