Re: vlan configuration is ok, does this means cisco 2924xl support ivl feature?

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On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 09:48:16PM +0800, net-wolf wrote:
> Destination Address  Address Type  VLAN  Destination Port                                                         
> -------------------  ------------  ----  -------------                                                     
> 0002.b326.43db       Dynamic          1  FastEthernet0/16                                                         
> 0002.b326.43db       Dynamic          2  FastEthernet0/16                                                         
> 0002.b326.43db       Dynamic          3  FastEthernet0/16                                                         
> 0015.c56e.c05f       Dynamic          2  FastEthernet0/15
> 000b.5d9c.5982       Dynamic          3  FastEthernet0/14                                                         
> Swtchi#
> as you can seen, mac-address existed in multiple vlan (1,2,3),
> so I think 2924XL does support ivl.
> Do you think so , Ard van Breemen?
No. Since it only exists on one port. But this is a good way to
test it by the way:
start a ping -b from a host, and look for the
mac-adddress in the table: it should exist on the host port, and
on the router port, but in different vlans, if that really
happens, and not transient, but rather static, then you have an
In this case the mac-address of the router is: 0002.b326.43db.
But what you actually want to have in setup 1b is that
000b.5d9c.5982 exists in vlan 3 port 14, and in vlan 2 and 1 port
16. The same for:  0015.c56e.c05f, it should exist in vlan 2 port
15, and in vlan 1 and 3 port 16.
But on an svl switch, there can only be one mac->port relation.

(We have a 20000 euro cisco that can do IVL)

>  As in setup 1b brouter configuration, I have also tried use
>  ebtables to do mac address MASQUERADing ,but failed, many
>  packets is lost. :-( I indeed want to do mix vlan and bridge
>  to provide a brouter configuration as mentioned by setup 1b.

In your case I would really consider proxy-arp and routing.
>From the hosts point-of-view, all hosts are in the same network,
but your router knows better... :-).
says something about it.

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