[VLAN] 802.1Q - MAC Spoofing

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P Chaitra-A15829 wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> I connected the 2 linux hosts and and saw the meesages on the spoofed
> interface having corresponding MAC address.
> I meant, the arp response from the spoofed interface is coming properly
> with the corresponding spoofed MAC address.
> So looks like it's working :) 
> I need to try with the switch now... thanks a lot for you reply. 
> Also, how to set the HW accel off in the kernel... I browsed the net but
> could not find the proper answer.. I believe it needs to be done in some
> device file.  I still don't see the Vlan tag in the output of tcpdump.. 
I think you'd have to edit the driver source code and disable the VLAN 
support somehow.  Figure
out what driver you are using and ask the driver author or maintainer.

It's possible that disabling the all VLANs on the sniffing device would 
also work.


Ben Greear <greearb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Candela Technologies Inc

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