[VLAN] Slightly OT: Anyone with experiences using VLAN + Vrrpd?

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I have been using VLANs + Vrrpd for some time now until I recently
came across a problem (maybe only a minor one) that I am unable to
track down. It's the vrrpd that is around (some say 0.4 is latest,
others see 0.6 or even 1.0) which I am using (actually the 1.0 source).
I recently noticed (and I can't tell if that is a general problem)
that it throws vrrp checksum errors when running. This vanishes as
soon as it is master, or it does when it has more than 1 virtual
IP. I am not quite sure about the exact situation right now.
Did anyone experience anything like this and is able to help here?
And yes I know, it is not VLAN related (I guess) but I thought maybe
I can find the right folks here.


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