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On Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at 09:27:40AM -0300, Fabio Silva wrote:
> Hi all i have vlan and linux configured and its ok, i can ping the
> networks between the vlans but, when i tri to go to internet, i can
> see some sites, but sites like webmail, msn, and other i cant open,
> and i dont know what do.. i've disable the firewall and just
> masquerade the network but with no sucess :( anyone has an ideia of
> whats happening?

I bet this is because the network card+driver you're using doesn't
properly handle maximum size ethernet packets when they have a VLAN
tag prepended (and hence are larger than ethernet max)..

What chipset is on your NIC?

If possible, switch to a Intel 100 or 1000 NIC, the e100 and e1000
drivers don't have this problem. If you have to stay with existing
hardware, check the web page and the ML archives for a patch allowing
oversize packets. It's called "the MTU problem" sometimes, but I
don't like that name since the problem is on the receiving end.


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