[VLAN] dropping of un-matched tagged packets?

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Fermin Galan Marquez wrote:
> Dear James,
>>>>What Ethernet adapter are you using (chipset or linux module name)?
>>>The kernel module seems to be e1000
>>>occ3-devb:~# dmesg | grep eth2
>>>e1000: eth2: e1000_probe: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection
>>>e1000: eth2: e1000_watchdog_task: NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex
>>>My kernel version (in the case it would be needed) is
>>I think what you want to do is create a bridge containing eth2 and
>>whatever else, and then create vlans on the bridge, eg create a br0.200
>>interface, and therefore never invoke the bridge logic on the e1000. The
>>problem is, as was suspected earlier, that the e1000 contains hardware
>>vlan acceleration which does indeed appear to filter out the vlans you
>>don't care about.
> Well, it's a bit more complicated... The idea is to bridge the physical
> interface (eth2) with some tun devices (for example, tun0, tun1, etc.) that
> are connected to interfaces inside a virtual machine running in the host
> (using User Mode Linux,, maybe you
> know about it) (tun0 to eth0 in virtual machine, tun1 to eth1 in virtual
> machine, etc.) and to create the VLANs inside the virtual machine (eth0.200
> in the virtual machine, eth1.300 in the virtual methince, etc.) not in the
> bridge itself. Therefore, the bridge would have to switch trunk traffic
> transparently, so this traffic reach the virtual machine and the virtual
> machine kernel vlan interface can deal with the tagged packet (and deliver
> it untagged to eth0.200, eth1.300 or whatever).
>>Unfortunately, once you turn on vlanning on the physical e1000
>>interface, the hardware acceleration will come into play and you won't
>>see the ones you aren't subscribing to anyway.
>>Assuming there isn't already a way and I just can't see it, in order to
>>work around the above problem you'd need to:
>>. patch the vlan kernel module to optionally not use hw acceleration
>>even if it is available, via a parameter to one of the ioctls
>>. patch the vconfig code to add a command line option to make use of the
>>above option
>>Ben would be the best one to comment on how useful the above might be. I
>>could probably put a patch together, but you'd have to test it :)
> Of course, I will do! :)
> Although I know I'm trying a weird UML/VLAN/bridge application :), I think
> such patch could be useful in general, due to it would increase the
> flexibility of the VLAN support for people using cards with hw acceleration,
> like me.

The easiest way is probably to hack the NIC's driver instead of
the VLAN code.  The driver has a flag that says whether it supports
HW accell or not..just need to disable that flag, probably.

The e1000 driver writers hang out on the netdev mailing list,
could ask there.


> Best regards,
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