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Sometimes ago I saw a post on the list which indicates that unregister_netdevice on vlan interfaces made some problem for restarting the network service. 
Today I experienced the problem again and following Ben request I tried to unload the iptables module from the kernel to see if it is related to the iptables but it is not. I have already the problem on 1 of my VLAN interfaces and it is still giving me this message on the messages : 

Dec  2 02:39:49 SDT-GW kernel: unregister_netdevice: waiting for eth0.102 to become free. Usage count = 1
Dec  2 02:40:20 SDT-GW last message repeated 3 times
Dec  2 02:41:30 SDT-GW last message repeated 7 times
Dec  2 02:42:40 SDT-GW last message repeated 7 times
Dec  2 02:43:41 SDT-GW last message repeated 6 times

Any other idea or test to findout the problem ?! 

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