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Ben Greear wrote:

> [snip]
> Maybe try unloading the iptables modules and see if
> that has any affect?
> Ben
I do not thik so.
So many machines - mine and not only
are "restart" their network scripts without
"unregister_netdevice" messages.
Actually, if I unload the iptables modules this will be equal to
reboot the system, and after a reboot everything is ok.
I have two vlans eth0.778 and eth0.2242 on my NIC
the first my mail was with :
unregister_netdevice: waiting for eth0.778 to become free. Usage count = 1
the last one was with:
unregister_netdevice: waiting for eth0.2242 to become free. Usage count = 1.
The line through eth0.778 is 100mbit
The line through eth0.2242 is 40mbit
Load average of these lines is about 120-140mbit. Between 80mbit and 
140mbit if I restart networking, often happened that I received messages 
like these...
And from a short time "uregister_netdevice" is every
time when network scripts are restarted.

That is the situation right now. Thanks for advice but
I don't think that the iptables modules will take affect.

best regards

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