FYI: usb dvb-t tuner needs to be re-plugged (after boot/reboot) to work.

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CC'ed video4linux-list@xxxxxxxxxx on this issue. Maybe they have some 

It looks like the warm detection does not work for the "Gigabyte U8000-RH", 
and that the firmware has to be re-loaded, until the power is cut.


On Saturday 30 October 2010 19:51:43 App Deb wrote:
> Nice,
> I wasn't able to find something that links my usb idVendor/Product to
> cold/warm states (not very good comments and not much time), however in:
> drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-init.c
> I found a line:
> if (cold)
> and replaced it with...
> if (1)
> and guess what, it works perfectly now, many thanks Hans.

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