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hello, I have a problem, I am developing a video driver for imx27 in version
2.6.30, I need to work in this version, I work with the soc-camera subsytem.
the problem is that I need to reserve memory for my buffers, but the
function DMA_ALLOC_COHERENT says error: ENOMEN. This problem is in that I
haven't enough memory to my buffers, then I am thinking that I can reserve
memory for this buffers in the __init of driver... but, how can I do it?
In my aplication, I call to mmap(), this function reserve memory for the
buffers and also calls soc_camera_mmap for to call at dma_alloc_coherent.
How can I do for that the driver reserve memory and the aplication knows
where is this memory? how can I resolver this problem?, also I have thought
that I could reserve memory without call to soc-camera subsytem in the mmap,
only in this function, is it possible? can someone help me? thanks.
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