Re: [PATCH] FM1216ME_MK3 some changes

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> > 
> > Channel designations I dug out of ivtv-tune:
> > 
> > S38 439.250 MHz (European cable)
> > H18 439.250 MHz (SECAM France)
> > 47  440.250 MHz (PAL China)
> > 059 440.250 MHz (PAL Argentina)
> > 
> > come close, but are unaffected by the change from 442 to 441 as the
> > bandswitch cutover point.  These channels fall right on top of the
> > cutover, but are not affected by the proposed change in any meaningful
> > way.  The VHF-High filter and VCO would still be used.  Dmitri's
> > proposed change is a "don't care" unless the cutover point is changed to
> > 440 MHz. 
> > 
> > 
> > Let's pretend that the proposed cutover point is 440 MHz.

NO! it is not


can you cut one off and tell us what it is all about ?

Unless you do so, all other is pointless and I likely stop to
participate in such stuff.


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