Re: libv4l release: 0.5.97: the whitebalance release!

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2009/4/19 Hans de Goede <hdegoede@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 04/18/2009 04:40 PM, Erik Andrén wrote:
>> Hans de Goede wrote:
>>> On 04/17/2009 09:27 PM, Erik Andrén wrote:
>>>> Hans de Goede wrote:
>>>>> On 04/16/2009 10:46 PM, Adam Baker wrote:
>>>>>> On Thursday 16 Apr 2009, Hans de Goede wrote:
>>>>>>> On 04/16/2009 12:26 AM, Adam Baker wrote:
>>>>>>>> On Wednesday 15 Apr 2009, Hans de Goede wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Currently only whitebalancing is enabled and only on Pixarts (pac)
>>>>>>>>> webcams (which benefit tremendously from this). To test this with
>>>>>>>>> other
>>>>>>>>> webcams (after instaling this release) do:
>>>>>>>>> export LIBV4LCONTROL_CONTROLS=15
>>>>>>>>> LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ v4l2ucp&
>>>>>>>> Strangely while those instructions give me a whitebalance control
>>>>>>>> for the
>>>>>>>> sq905 based camera I can't get it to appear for a pac207 based
>>>>>>>> camera
>>>>>>>> regardless of whether LIBV4LCONTROL_CONTROLS is set.
>>>>>>> Thats weird, there is a small bug in the handling of pac207
>>>>>>> cams with usb id 093a:2476 causing libv4l to not automatically
>>>>>>> enable whitebalancing (and the control) for cams with that id,
>>>>>>> but if you have LIBV4LCONTROL_CONTROLS set (exported!) both
>>>>>>> when loading v4l2ucp (you must preload!) and
>>>>>>> when loading your viewer, then it should work.
>>>>>> I've tested it by plugging in the sq905 camera, verifying the
>>>>>> whitebablance
>>>>>> control is present and working, unplugging the sq905 and plugging in
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> pac207 and using up arrow to restart v4l2ucp and svv so I think I've
>>>>>> eliminated most finger trouble possibilities. The pac207 is id
>>>>>> 093a:2460 so
>>>>>> not the problem id. I'll have to investigate more thoroughly later.
>>>>> Does the pac207 perhaps have a / in its "card" string (see v4l-info
>>>>> output) ?
>>>>> if so try out this patch:
>>>> I have the same issue as Adam when trying to test this with my
>>>> gspca_stv06xx based Quickcam Web camera i. e no whitebalancing
>>>> controls show up. I'm attaching a dump which logs all available
>>>> pixformats and v4l2ctrls showing that libv4l is properly loaded.
>>>> (And yes, LIBV4LCONTROL_CONTROLS is exported and set to 15).
>>>> Best regards,
>>>> Erik
>>> Ah, you are using v4l2-ctl, not v4l2ucp, and that uses
>>> control enumeration. My code doesn't handle V4L2_CTRL_FLAG_NEXT_CTRL
>>> (which is
>>> a bug). I'm not sure when I'll have time to fix this. Patches welcome,
>>> or in
>>> the mean time use v4l2ucp to play with the controls.
>> Actually, I've tried to use both without finding the controls.
>> I've only tried with v4l2ucp v. 1.2. Is 1.3 necessary?
> Apparently there are different versions of v4l2ucp in different distro's
> and some do use the V4L2_CTRL_FLAG_NEXT_CTRL, just like v4l2-ctl. See
> Adam Baker's patch later in this thread. Which I will apply to my
> tree after I've reviewed it (when I find some time currently I've a lot of
> $work$ )

Applying Adam Bakers patch makes the control appear _but_ I can't seem
to make out any difference when any of the whitebalancing and
normalize options, regardless of how i tweak the max / min values.

Best regards,

> Regards,
> Hans

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