Rv: mx3-camera on current mxc kernel tree

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Hi Guennadi,

I am trying to integrate your "mx3_camera" (soc-camera) driver into latest MXC kernel tree in order to be able to use it along with other drivers I need (specially USB and SDHC storage).

I am using branch "mxc-devel" from git://git.pengutronix.de/git/imx/linux-2.6

I am trying to use your patches from http://gross-embedded.homelinux.org/~lyakh/i.MX31-20090124/:
... as apparently everything needed is already present on that branch, since you submitted your latest IPU & IDAC DMA patches to the Linux ARM kernel list.

However, this mx3_camera implementation does not fit the IPU/IDMA API present in the aforementioned tree, and before asuming the required rewritting effort I must ask:

Am I using the right tree, branch and patches for the task?
Are you already working on this?

Thanks & regards,
Agustin Ferrin Pozuelo
Embedded Systems Consultant
Tel. +34 610502587

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