Re: [PATCH] resistor setting sequence fix on ov772x

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Dear Guennadi

Thank you for checking patch.

> ====================
> Subject: [PATCH] ov772x: move configuration from start_capture() to set_fmt()
> soc_camera framework requires, that camera configuration is performed in
> set_fmt, and start_capture and stop_capture only turn the camera on/off.
> This patch modifies ov772x to comply to this requirement.
> ====================
> Agree? I just have no idea whether it's resistors or capacitors or 
> anything else that gest set by those i2c commands:-)

Agree. Thank you.

> One more comment to your ov772x driver: at present S_CROP is not supported 
> and it would just fail if anyone attempts to crop the image. Could you 
> please fix? You have to process the pixfmt == 0 case in set_fmt for this.

I will try to add this support.

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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