Re: soc-camera : sh_mobile_ceu_camera race on free_buffer ?

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I am writing a soc camera driver, and I use sh_mobile_ceu_camera as an

But I don't understand how buffer are handled when the application is
doing a streamoff :

streamoff will call videobuf_streamoff and then videobuf_queue_cancel.
videobuf_queue_cancel will call free_buffer.

But we didn't do stop_capture, so as far I understand the controller is
still writing data in memory. What prevent us to free the buffer we are

Why doesn't we do a stop_capture before videobuf_streamoff ?

I saw that pxa_camera use videobuf_waiton, before freeing the buffer.
That seem more safe, but that mean we need to wait that controller
finish to write all the pending buffer.


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